Fix yourself

Submitted by Trispis on Mon, 2006-09-04 21:22

Most MUSHes create players relatively "blank" and homogenous. The goal of this challenge is to make your player work better.

  1. Set a description on yourself so that other players see something when they look at you.
  2. Set an alias for yourself so that other players can page you with a nickname
  3. Set your sex so that game messages can be adapted to your player's gender
  4. Figure out what flags are set on your player, and what other flags you might want to set. For example, do you want other player's to be able to give you objects? Do you want to see ANSI color?
  5. If your MUSH has chat channels, find out what they are and join one.
  6. When you have found a place that you want to use as your home, set your home there.

Some help files related to this challenge are:

  • @name - in case you didn't like the name you used when creating your character
  • @alias - for your (preferably shorter) 'nickname'
  • @describe - what is displayed when someone looks at you
  • @sex - your gender
  • @lock - lots of files here, try to find out what's relevant to your player (this large family of files will carry over into nearly all subsequent challenges, don't worry about learning all of it in one sitting - it's probably the largest family of related files on the game and pretty much effects all things - take it slow and easy here, just find what you need for THIS challenge)
  • flags, flag list, @set, ANSI, COLOR, LINK_OK - learn about flags
  • @link, home - for when you find a LINK_OK room for your home
  • @channel, @chat - for the chat channels

This coding challenge by: Trispis