Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2006-09-04 21:47

The goal of this challenge is to produce a set of radio (or walkie-talkie) objects that are multichannel, multicast devices -- each radio may be tuned to a single frequency at a time, and will receive any broadcast made on the same frequency.

A radio object is different from a chat channel because it is an *object* that can be given, dropped, etc. The radio should have three volume levels: off (nothing received is broadcast), normal (anything received is emitted to the location of the radio, which may be a player), and loud (anything received is emitted to the location of the radio and to the container of the location of the radio).

*Extra challenge*: Make a scanner that can receive multiple frequencies.

*Extra challenge*: Add an encryption system to the radios so that if an encryption key is set, other radios receive garbled text unless they have same encryption key set. The garbled text, ideally, should not be random but text that would actually be susceptible to (human) cryptanalysis.

This coding challenge by: Javelin