Of SQL and ships and ceiling wax

Submitted by Vadiv on Wed, 2002-12-04 13:23

A blog. Here I am, reduced to a blog. Ugh.
Anyway, there's a reason for this: I need help. No, not that kind of help, I need many eyes to look at my SQL code.
In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm writing a multi-platform, multi-mu-server, multi-SQL-server, multi-threaded SQL patch. (Perhaps I shall call it multi.)
To explain, it runs multi-threaded under Windows, using native win32 threads, and Unix, using pthreads. I'm also working on glib thread support, and would love to have someone write OS/2 or Macintosh threads. (Okay, I'm kidding about the OS/2 stuff.) Or you can use an empty stub file if there is no thread support for your platform.
For multi-mu-server, all I have working is PennMUSH, because that's really all I know. I've started a little on MUX, but would like someone else to do that, because frankly I don't know anything about it.
As for multi-SQL-server...all you people who bitch about MySQL and say PostgreSQL is a lot better...well, let's see it. Here's your chance to write a interface to it.
Basically, I've separated all the little bits of this thing out into half a dozen files, and I'd really like it if some other people could write more of them, or debug the ones I have.
The whole thing is at http://vadiv.mush.cx/pennmush/, grab the sql-.tar.bz2, and it's under the LGPL.