PennMUSH 1.7.6p1 released

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2002-12-09 14:24

PennMUSH 1.7.6p1 is released in the usual place.

Minor changes:
* When using @nuke to destroy a SAFE object when really_safe is "no",
provide a warning (but schedule destruction anyway). Suggested by
* VS.NET project file was defaulting to signed instead of unsigned
chars, causing crashes. Fixed by BladedThoth@M*U*S*H.
Several places where we should have cast things to unsigned to
avoid this kind of thing have been fixed. [SW]
* The *emit() functions now set the orator correctly.
Reported by Philip Mak.
* ccom and cplr are cleared after each command execution so they
can't be leaked as easily. Suggested by Philip Mak.
* Linting.
* If God gives the wrong password to @logwipe, provide some feedback.
Suggested by Cerekk@bDv.
* was needlessly rebuilding several autogenerated files.
* The rules for flag characters shown in object headers now allows
F_INTERNAL flags to be shown (like GOING), just the same as
when you get a full flag list on examine. Report by Philip Mak.
* Help fixes by Bird@M*U*S*H, Intrevis@M*U*S*H, Philip Mak.
* @search type=something would report an error AND match the entire
database when something wasn't object, player, exit or room. [SW]
* Cosmetic bug in @malias/list fixed. Report by Philip Mak.
* The info_slave now properly obeys the use_dns setting in mush.cnf.
This requires a full shutdown to put into effect. Report by
BlaZe@M*U*S*H. [SW]