Adding commands

Submitted by raevnos on Sat, 2007-06-23 13:44

This page talks about how to add new builtin commands.

Rule 1: If at all possible, do it via softcode and @command.

Registering a new command

Adding to the command table

To be written. See src/command.c for examples.

Using command_add()

See the example in cmdlocal.c

Writing the command

TBW, possibly as a child page. Variables available in COMMAND() blocks, etc.


Adding new switches

1.8.3p6 and later

Just include the switch name in the string of valid switches for the command.

1.8.3p5 and earlier

To add a new switch that doesn't already exist, add it, in all-caps, as new line to src/SWITCHES. The first time you re-run make after that, hdrs/switches.h and src/switchinc.c will be automatically rebuilt to include the new switch. There's a limit as to how many switches you can have -- to raise it, increase the NUM_BYTES #define in hdrs/command.h. Each time you increase it by 1, you get room for up to 8 more switches.

Testing switches

For switches included in src/SWITCHES: SW_ISSET(sw, SWITCH_FOO).

For switches not in the file (1.8.3p6 and later): SW_BY_NAME(sw, "FOO").