The sixth ITBG has been held

Submitted by Stoko on Sun, 2007-10-14 21:51

The sixth Innovations in Text-Based Gaming Conference has been held, and the log is at

This year's ITBG was the first one which was co-organized by two MUSHes - M*U*S*H and MPUG. Nails from MPUG, as one of the two people who organized this year's ITBG (I was the other one), gave big and invaluable contributions to the overall organization of the event.

The ideas which were presented at this year's ITBG were mostly MU*-community oriented, and many of them were powerful and enlightening. This year's keynote speaker, Temperance@Shangrila, explained that, contrary to the opinion of some, MUSH community isn't dying, and also told from experience many things about factors which make MUSHes succeed or fail, which are very useful for all MUSH staffers to know. Javelin, the author of podcast Tinytalk, explained why people might want to start podcasts for their MUSHes, what kind of equipment and knowledge they would need for that, and what kind of content could such podcasts have. I talked about the ambitious projects for translating PennMUSH to other languages and making it as adapted as possible to the needs of people who want to run their games in a language other than English, and also about the existing PennMUSH'es internationalization features and their benefits and problems. Nails talked about several potential projects which would be tremendously beneficial to the MUSH community.

I'm happy that ITBG's audience is getting bigger, as more people came to this ITBG than to the previous one (around thirty).

ITBG isn't completely over, because one or more satellite events to ITBG can be expected during October on M*U*S*H and/or MPUG, and will be announced on M*U*S*H'es and MPUG's bulletin boards.