Submitted by javelin on Sat, 2007-11-03 13:08

The tips are now organized by subject rather than author, but here's a list of current contributors and a few notes about each:

  • Amberyl (Lydia Leong,
    These thoughts come from Amberyl (Lydia Leong,, who's been a Wizard at too many MUSHes for me to relate, including PernMUSH and AmberMUSH. I first met her as Polgara, the God of BelgariadMUSH. She was the original maintainer of the PennMUSH code, and is the author of the MUSH Manual, required reading for Gods.
  • Fenring@DuneII
    These thoughts come from Fenring@DuneII, who, while not yet God of a MUSH, is nevertheless a fine Wizard who I first got to know at DuneMUSH. He is also a consummate role-player.
  • Gohs@GohsMUSH (Geoff Tuffli,
    These thoughts come from Gohs@GohsMUSH (Geoff Tuffli,, who has also been the God of the MUSHes TaiesMUSH, Mua'kaar, and Pandemonium. Geoff's MUSHes are known for their rich original-theme worlds, emphasis on dynamic role-playing, and complex coded systems. I've had the pleasure of knowing him since we were both admin at Belgariad MUSH.
  • Javelin, Paul@DuneMUSH (Alan Schwartz,
    Usually this would be an introduction and a little note about the God offering the tips, but that seems a bit self-serving. :)
  • Rhyanna@Castle D'Image (Ralph Melton,
    These tips come from Rhyanna@Castle D'Image (Ralph Melton, Ralph is a top-flight hacker who often contributes significant additions and fixes to the PennMUSH code.
  • Talek (T. Alexander Popiel,
    These thought-provoking insights were written by Talek (T. Alexander Popiel,, who, while also never actually the God of a public MUSH, has been intimately involved with Belgariad MUSH, DuneMUSH, and many others. He's well-known as both a psychocoder and a server hack for both PennMUSH and TinyMUSH.
  • Westley@PrincessBrideMUSH, Korba@DuneMUSH (Christofer Hardy,
    These thoughts come from Westley@PrincessBrideMUSH (Christofer Hardy, He's been deeply involved not only in PrincessBrideMUSH, but also in Heretics of Dune MUSH and DorsaiMUSH. I came to know him as Korba@DuneMUSH, a loyally fanatic Fremen. :)
  • Mephisto@MUSHtv (Jason Newquist,
    In addition to his work on MUSHtv, Jason Newquist headed up two versions of CamelotMUSH (as Mordred and Dagonet), and is always working on new MUSH projects.
    BladedThoth@ThemelessMUSH (Andrew,
    A mudder for over 10 years, most of those as a MUSH coder/God, Andrew's become interested in sharing his experience to help others out.