New PennMUSH services!

Submitted by Noltar on Sat, 2007-12-01 16:13

After far too long of a wait, I am happy to announce that we have added two new services that will be of use to game owners running PennMUSH.

The first is anonymous read-only access to the PennMUSH svn repository. It can now be accessed with any svn client via the following url:


The second is web-based management of your subdomains, written by Walker. This allows those with subdomains to alter the basic dns information for their subdomain without waiting on either myself or Walker to update it. Anyone with an active subdomain should already have received an email with your account information. For those interested in getting a subdomain for use with their game, feel free to contact myself and/or Walker and we will set up the subdomain and an account for you.

Suggestions for additional services can be sent to me, as well as ideas for improvement of existing services.