Community MUSHlist

Submitted by javelin on Fri, 2008-01-11 13:35

Several MUSHers suggested that it would be nice to have a new MUSH-specific mudlist where people could submit their game information (a la mudconnector) and where the information could be shared and exported (e.g., via RSS).

So now we've got one, hosted here. Click on "MUSHlist" in the navigation menu to see the current list.

To add your MUSH to the list, choose "Create content" and select "MUSHlist entry" and fill out the form. Once you submit it, it'll be reviewed by a MUSHlist editor (to prevent spam) and approved into the MUSHlist.

If you have suggestions for the list (stuff to add/change/whatever in the entries, other ideas), please let me know! You can leave the ideas as comments to this posting. :)