2 - +logs

Submitted by Impster on Sat, 2008-02-02 14:22

Once upon a time. . .

Many years ago. . .

The OGR mu* used to hold training sessions for lack of a better term. And they've been saved on here for better or worse ;). I had completely forgotten about this command until I stumbled across it in the +help files. It was a bit broke but I think I've fixed it again. To review these logs see +help logs.

Now.. a lot of these are all dated. The newest one is 8-11-04. But I find it interesting look back at these things and its nice to be reminded that the growing pains you may be experience on various mu*s is something that everyone goes through and your not alone in your frustrations. Anyone who has ever tried to run a mu* has days when they wonder why the hell they bother and it would be better to just pull the plug. But there was a reason you started a game right? You thought you were going to have fun ;). Until you run your own place you don't realize how hard having fun can be :p. Now I haven't looked at these logs in /years/ but recently I went and read one of m*u*s*h's logs at http://mush.pennmush.org/99workshop.txt.
If I'm not mistaken that was done in 1999 almost 10 years ago yet I've seen several mu*s have the very same issues the last few weeks that we were trying to figure out how to deal with in 1999. And OH Leadership Panel log looks to cover some interesting things as well. These things that you may be experiencing is nothing new and in the end it usually seems the best way to resolve them is like some sort of truce during a war. Get both sides to sit down at a table and try to reach some sort of agreement that everyone thinks is fair.

Of course the best way to solve it is not to have problems at all ;). Perhaps looking through these old gems will give you insite on issues before they every come to light on your game.

Enjoy and thank Sio and Jav for preserving these ;)