4 - The Usual Suspects

Submitted by Impster on Sat, 2008-02-02 14:25

@set name=SUSPECT

Now why would you do this? Now there may be very legitimate reasons for setting someone SUSPECT like you think someone is trying to subvert your code/database and you want proof. Honestly for me if you feel that you need to set someone SUSPECT then your better off @booting/@sitelock the person. To me SUSPECT boils down to one simple thing. You want to spy on that person. Now again I don’t normally use MUX but I had been told that MUX doesn’t log commands like Penn does but when I looked at the changes on the tinymux.org I found this:

Wizhelp SUSPECT should describe that all commands from SUSPECT-set players are logged as controlled by the 'log' configuration option (Issue 199).

And playing around with Penn you’ll notice that when you set someone SUSPECT whatever they page to someone is going to be record to one of your LOG files on your server which is why I think that most places will set people SUSPECT these days.

So if you’re going to use SUSPECT how long do you leave them set like that? Some places seem to follow a one strike and you are SUSPECT for the rest of your life there and a lot of times it’s subjective like you made an offhand comment on Public about sex or something that a staffer didn’t like so boom! Congrats your SUSPECT. This is one reason I like things like Trispis Sanction code and the +SUSPECT list code that are here. These types of code let you set an attrib on the player that you can later refer to and see what they did to cause them being set this way. The cavat to this type of system is someone should stay on top of them and eventually decide it was harmless, a onetime thing, or an ongoing problem and deal with the situation. Leaving someone set SUSPECT for /years/ is just bad form to me and may cause you issues with your logs. Realistically I’d like to see SUSPECT go the route of @TOAD