6 - @sitelock and You

Submitted by Impster on Sat, 2008-02-02 14:28

So earlier I said @stielock don’t SUSPECT. But let me tell you what I /really/ think :p.

The thing about @sitelock/SUSPECT and other things like that in my opinion it tends to give new Head Wiz a false since of security kind of along the lines that Microsoft sends out updates to fix things and my parents don’t think that a router is really needed for their one little computer. Just plug the thing right into the DSL line.

@sitelock can be a useful tool depending on who you @sitelock. Sometimes when you @sitelock you just create more headache for yourself. Normally you are not going to have to @sitelock average joe user because they’re not going to cause you the type of problems that I would consider @sitelock offense unless you’re being really anal about things. In all my years I’ve only @sitelock’ed one person. The reason I @sitelock’ed the person was they were having personal issues and were causing problems on our channel. I asked them to log off and get some rest come back a couple days later. They didn’t listen and continued to go down hill. So I told them I was going to @sitelock them for a week so they could focus on what was going on. After the week I removed the @sitelock and the person was back on their meds. All in all it worked out fairly well. But let me tell you about when I was @sitelock’ed.

Even today this still bothers me because I don’t think I did anything wrong. I was new to a game I couldn’t even tell you how long and I walked into a bar scene. This game had places installed and everyone was using TT so I’m not hearing or see anything so I ask in ooc if anyone is awake. That’s when 2 or 3 of them explain TT and that you can listen at table but if you don’t have an IC way to hear you shouldn’t consider what you hear IC but it gives you an idea of what the RP was like maybe give you a way to jump into the scene (another reason I dislike places but that’s another topic). I was like cool thanks. A few days later there was a big scene and I was using the listen at to see the RP going on in the various places and I stumble upon the head wiz alt. The head wiz is mad yanks me into his office and out of the scene asks why I was doing that. I tell him what his players told me. He bangs his gavel and says so you admit to me you are cheating and subverting a know hole in the code. Thank you and I’m @booted and @sitelock’ed. I was not a happy camper by any stretch of the imagination. So I release the IP address on my internet connection, get a new IP address and go back to argue my case. I should have just found another game but I was younger then and felt I was right. Next thing I know the entire range of IP for the ISP I used was @sitelock’ed. I imagine the head wiz felt fairly smug at that point. Only to have me show back up under the guest login by using SSH into one of my remotely located servers on a different IP range then telneting back in to continue my argument. In the end I setup 20 or 30 accounts on free shell accounts all over the world and continued to argue for 3 or 4 days.

I’m not saying what I did was right and looking back upon those days I was pretty childish. But the point is @sitelock can cause you more trouble than it’s worth and for anyone with a little bit of knowledge fairly easy to circumvent. The better options is talk to the player in a reasonable manner and see if you can explain your issues with whatever they are doing. For the most part I think @sitelock tends to be a knee jerk reaction to something you don’t agree with and there may be better ways to handle it. I’m not naïve enough to say that you are always going to be able to work things out with everyone. But I still think GAG and such may be a better option than @sitelock