Managing your MUSH - A Working Picnic with Elvira - TOMORROW! Sunday 10th February

Submitted by Elvie on Sat, 2008-02-09 09:52

Managing Your MUSH
A working picnic with Elvira

You are invited to a working picnic on Sunday 10th February at 4:30pm MUSHtime/CST (10:30pm GMT). It will be held on M*U*S*H in the pleasant springtime surroundings of Linden Grove. This is the first in a season of weekly events which will examine the topic 'Managing Your MUSH' using real life organisation management techniques to improve the performance of your MUSH.

The first of these events will be led by Elvira@M*U*S*H and will provide an overview of the season. The framework Elvira is using is drawn from the Open University Business School and focuses on the four key areas of performance they identify in an organisation:

* Marketing - So much more than just plastering adverts on other games, this topic covers identifying your target 'market' and ensuring you are giving them what they want.
* Operations - The nuts and bolts. What your MUSH does. Why it does it and how.
* People - How are your staff organised? What keeps them motivated in a job that is also a hobby?
* Finance/Resources - Keeping the game running, who pays for the hosting? Ever considered fundraising?

This is just a taster of the areas which are going to be covered by these events and we hope to recruit a number of guest speakers to address these issues. Some are already lined up, but if you have any experience in running a MU* and would like to share it, Elvira@M*U*S*H would love to hear from you. This is great publicity for your game and a real chance to get your voice heard.

There will be room for discussion at all of these events. All of the sessions will be logged and available on the web. Please tell your friends and don't hesitate to ask Elvira if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time!