9 - DARKening Of The Light

Submitted by Impster on Sun, 2008-02-10 16:17

So a lot of places staff sit dark and talk on the staff channel. Now I've sat dark myself over the years mainly when I'm working on things or don't feel up to dealing with people but there seems to be a growing habit with various people of almost always being dark. Now I've got no problem with people setting themselves dark the problem I have is twofold. If you're set dark I don't feel you should talk on channels. I almost think you should have a channel lock preventing dark people from talk on them. Now some people will say that is a bizarre thought. Well here is my reasoning behind it, most people aren't paranoid delusional like I am ;) but a lot of times if it doesn't look like staff is online what is an idle chat between people can suddenly become a chat about policy review which isn't a bad thing but can be unexpected.

The other thing that I've seen is people being set dark and something happening on a channel so they tell another wiz who isn't dark to explain or some such. Once in awhile isn't a big deal or if you have established that as a set policy that your "player liaison" does that for you because you don't deal well with people it's not a big deal if people expect that. But when it happens on a regular basis your not fooling everyone and it can make you look small and foolish or like you don't want to deal with the players. People will eventually realize what your doing and again if that's how you want to handle things it's not a bad thing but a policy explaining that this staff member is the mouthpiece for staff can help.

I suppose the short answer is if you set yourself dark because you don't want to deal with things then you should treat channels and such as dark as well. Deal with them when your not dark.