Sunday working picnic #3 - ' Book-Based MU*s. From Choosing a Theme to Managing Player Expectations' with Nymeria

Submitted by Elvie on Fri, 2008-02-22 13:16

The 'Managing your MUSH' working picnic series goes from strength to strength. Following Impster's superb presentation and discussion last week and a big turn-out, this week's guest speaker is Nymeria who will be talking on the subject of MUSH themes and player expectations.

It will be held in Linden Grove at M*U*S*H ( 4201) on Sunday 22nd February at 4:30pm MUSHtime (Chicago)/10:30pm GMT.

Do come along, the talks are usually short and interesting and there's plenty of time for discussion.

Thanks to all who have been supporting these talks. We have a line-up of great speakers still to come.

Bring your own beer/sandwiches/cakes!

And if you want to speak at a future event, do get in touch with me!