Brigadune day: August 20, 2008

Submitted by javelin on Wed, 2008-08-13 11:02

In honor of Brigadoon Day, the original DuneMUSH will return for
BrigaDUNE Day on Wednesday, August 20, 2008.

Return to the sands of Arrakis, the courtyards of Kaitain, the Bene
Gesserit School on Wallach IX, the vast heighliners of the Spacing
Guild, and the rest of the Duniverse! Visit old friends, get in a
little RP for old times' sake, or just stop by to say hello.
Even if you didn't have a character on DuneMUSH, you're welcome to visit.

DuneMUSH will be at: 5555

The MUSH will be up by midnight (CDT) Tuesday and will go down
sometime after midnight Wednesday (i.e. Thursday morning).

Ya hya chouhada!