Get One

Submitted by sad hack on Sat, 2008-10-04 10:25

Clues lurk under every statement.

Truth reveals itself so peacefully it seems.

Clues lurk under every stanza.

Uncle George taught me Elizabethan truth, and softened my heart with Dragon's Breath. I knew him because he permitted it. When asked To Tell The Truth in Miss Kitty's presence, he did so and moved on.

Uncle Bill told his own version of our tale with the kind of truth which can only be appreciated through the eyes of childhood. His quest for noodles and pi, as performed by the voice Buzz, called to me when he moved on.

My ode to the Joy-of-loose-lips is one of forgiveness and mercy, for I am quite certain that a Rosie by any other name would smell better than my sweaty feet.

Clues like us encourage searchers.

To Ro, Alan, my permission.