MUSHes and Graphics

Submitted by Noltar on Sat, 2009-01-24 23:58

This is not a post about bringing graphics to MUSHes in the way of 3D virtual worlds or MMOs... but rather how graphics are used to supplement MUSH resources, in particular on webpages.

Obviously text is the primary mode of communication on MU*... it allows our imaginations to run wild and create an individual representation of what we've read. In a very real sense each player has a completely different world in their mind while experiencing the same MUSH. However, humans are very visual creatures and we love visual representations of the things in our imaginations. I would say the vast majority of us have at least attempted to capture the images in our heads on paper. Unfortunately, artistic ability is not always something that comes naturally to many of us.

So... I am curious, how many of those who frequent c.p.o have found themselves wishing they had a resource for acquiring good looking graphical resources for their game or character websites? (read on)

I've been toying with various ideas of ways to provide people with the opportunity to get the kind of graphics they want to add that little extra something to the websites dedicated to their passions. This ranges from detailed digital maps of game worlds to artistic portraits of game characters, races, or scenes from the game or character history.

For those of you who don't know much about my RL, I work for a 3D graphics company, and as such interact with a number of graphic artists. I also personally have an interest in cartography and digital art and have spent far too much on building my library of software and assets to work with. So, it has always been an idea in the back of my mind to create a site where MUSHers, and gamers in general, can commission the type of artwork they either don't have the time or talent to do on their own. Would there be enough interest in MUSHers commissioning this type of work for a low fee or in some cases for free?

Along with this, I have also been thinking about gauging the general interest in creating these types of graphics and trying to put together a group of people to do some basic classes with and help people get started with the necessary software and tutorials. This would be entirely free. So... if you're interested in digital art and how to get started in it, feel free to comment as well.