New to the PennMUSH community (little introduction)

Submitted by Cross_Marian on Sun, 2009-04-12 20:26

Well, hello there. I am a Spaniard citizen who started to play MUDs while studying at the university, and after two years I was away from those games for four more years, then returned to it, not only to play them again but also because I want to set up my own. To tell the truth, it is a little "gift" I want to give to a RP community I frequent, who are unaware that we can improve our RPing by jumping to the text based games, a full interactive world which will no longer need of our lazy descriptions and puppetry because NPCs and objects will move and speak by their own accord and such, and descriptions will be immortalized with full detail so no one will never lose track of what happened there or how many changes were made.

Despite I'm an old gamer of MUDs, I'm very far from knowing how to create one and I'm not into too much coding knowledge *newbie alarm*. I found out after checking the tutorials of MUSHclient's website that I could choose between SMAUG (for more battling than socializing) and PennMUSH (for more socializing than battling). I choosed the later, but I still want to keep some battle system from the old MUDs I played (which I know they were made after SMAUG code) and implement it into PennMUSH. I don't know if this is possible but I'm eager to learn all what it is needed to try to customize my game for our RP community, so to keep both the socializing and the battling concepts.

I saw convenient to join this PennMUSH community, but I feel lost. It doesn't seems to keep a traditional "forum board" administration and I don't know if someone will notice me and tell me if this is the way to ask questions about coding and such that, questions which might arise during my little newbie endeavour into PennMUSH coding. I'm not really familiarized with this system of "blogging" for answers but I'll try to blend with it after I see how it really works.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you can help a newbie like me to get a proper insight into PennMUSH "configuration/customization" and I also hope my ideas would contribute to the whole community aswell so I don't look like an ungrateful leecher of information OTL

Thanks for reading and good day.