Pokemon MUSH up for grabs to a competent admin

Submitted by Vchat20 on Wed, 2009-09-09 04:19

After a hearty and well played attempt to work with this infamous theme of a canon Pokemon universe, which seems to have went through many iterations over the years by different people, I am willing to hand over the reigns of this recent attempt to a competent mush/mud/mux administrator.

[Pokemon Adventures MUSH] is a canon universe Pokemon MUSH built to be focused on roleplay. No combat system currently coded or involved with the current codebase.


  • ~290 rooms: Built from Pallet Town up to the western edge of Cerulean City with existing plans and abilities to build the complete 'verse grid
  • 95% of softcode utilities and systems complete
  • Faraday's mushcode suite installed with self-coded softcode intact as backups and set no_comm
  • Myrddin's BB
  • SQL based channel/login logger
  • Wizard restricted security systems
  • Some minor hardcode hacks, based on Pennmush 1.8.3p10


  • Clean, cross-browser, xhtml compliant theme based on an existing free template, heavily modified
  • SQL integration with in-game MOTD/News and some live stats (PHP based)
  • Fresh unused wiki with a modified skin to accomodate the site
  • Locked but used web board based on PunBB, replaced by ingame bboard
  • pokemonadventures.game-host.org free DynDNS domain

I no longer have any time to continue putting work into it these days and am up for handing off the work already put into it to someone willing to take it on. I am willing to provide support on existing systems to help get acquainted and set things up if needed.

If interested, feel free to contact me either Teal@M*U*S*H, Vchat20 on community.pennmush.org, or Vchat20@gmail.com.

Current game and site locations at pokemonadventures.game-host.org:4202 and http://pokemonadventures.game-host.org/ respectively.