Proposal: Ad Exchanges

Submitted by Nymeria on Fri, 2009-09-11 12:10

This is a proposal sparked by a guest logging onto my game yesterday to propose an ad exchange. It made me think about this practice, which seems to have fallen by the wayside more and more over the years. Instead, it has been replaced by advertising on various community sites, either in the form of MUSHes or on the web.

This is all well and good, but in many cases those community sites would seem to be frequented primarily by other advertisers, who presumably are more likely to be staff as well as players rather than just players. That probably means they are also less likely to have the time and/or interest to join another game.

That's where my proposal comes in.

I am suggesting using c.p.o to facilitate ad exchanges. The process as I am currently imagining it would involve the following steps.

1) Those wishing to exchange ads post them to their blogs on c.p.o, tagging them with an "Ad" tag. Javelin has created this tag, and will be setting up a page or block for showing recent ads. This would, I believe, allow all ads to be browsed.

2) When someone wishes to initiate an ad exchange, they would pick an ad from the existing ones and post it to their game. They would then leave a comment on the blog posting containing the ad they posted, saying that they have posted it to their game and could the poster of the ad in question please reciprocate. To make it easy to verify this it would probably be a good idea to include ones game address in the post and, of course, a link back to ones own ad posting.

This would, hopefully, be a self-censoring system in that anyone who doesn't reciprocate after having their ads posted would not be likely to see any more exchanges initiated.

Any thoughts on this? Potentially useful? Very silly? Have I overlooked some huge, glaring holes? Please comment. :)

I am hoping to, after some feedback, work this into a set of guidelines for how to post the ads and conduct the actual exchanges. Points to cover would include how to provide updated ads (probably as edits of the original blog post), whether to include both an evaluated and a MUSH-formatted ad, and whether exchanges can be just mush-to-mush and perhaps web-to-web or also mush-to-web/web-to-mush. And probably some other things I haven't thought of yet.