MUDtoberfest 2009

Submitted by Zebranky on Wed, 2009-09-30 08:41

M*U*S*H will once again be hosting the annual MUDtoberfest, a celebration of our shared pastime, through the month of October. You -- yes, YOU! -- are invited to stop by, partake of the festivities, and even run something should the inspiration strike you.

Currently scheduled events can be viewed with '+gda 10' on M*U*S*H. If you'd like to run something, schedule it with +gda (+gda/help for details). Don't be shy!

On a related note... The Innovations and New Directions in Text-Based Gaming Conference will be held on October 17th! Have you thought about where text is going? If you have ideas about the future of text gaming (online or offline), whether they're practical considerations or wild half-baked theories, we want to hear them! @mail Zebranky on M*U*S*H or email (replacing z with r) with your ideas!

Events scheduled as of 9/30:

  • "Scrabble Tournament 2009", starting 10/1 (sign up now!)
  • "Is AI Possible in MUSH?", month-long
  • "The Innovations and New Directions in Text-Based Gaming Conference", 10/17
  • "Iron Coder: 2009", 10/19