ITBG Conference Details

Submitted by Zebranky on Tue, 2009-10-13 21:41

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After a hiatus last year, the Innovations and New Directions in Text Based Gaming Conference (ITBG) is back! This year, ITBG will be hosted on M*U*S*H ( the morning of October 17th, and boasts a handful of most interesting presenters.

12 PM: Brian Moriarty, author of the Infocom titles "Wishbringer", "Trinity", and "Beyond Zork", designer of "Loom", and generally accomplished game developer, will kick off the presentations with a discussion of text gaming, where it's going, why it's going there slowly, and how it can go faster.

1 PM: Sketch of M*U*S*H will be rambling on^W^W hosting a forum about the nature of MUSHes, MUDs, and presenting a few ideas for using the medium of MUSHes to the best of their ability.

2 PM: Tarn Adams, developer of Dwarf Fortress, is stopping by for a Q&A session on his experience with text interfaces, procedural generation and recording of world history, and generally anything you want to ask him about.

All times are US Central (UTC-5).

Be there or else! (If you really can't attend, logs will be posted afterwards. Feel free to submit questions for the presenters to Zebranky@M*U*S*H in advance.)