SceneSys: Ideas

Submitted by Mercutio on Thu, 2010-01-07 11:31

Recently, Javelin graciously let me have a look at the Storyboard system which used to be on Rio: Manhã de Carnaval, to let me get an idea of a similar system. It does what I planned for the web-side of SceneSys, and then some more. So I wanna note down some ideas that have spawned from this little look at it.

  • Character Journals: I already had an on-game diary system. I could probably expand this onto the SceneSys system as well.
  • Scene Commenting: For staff, or perhaps even users, to comment on a scene. Possibly for staff-side research into characters. My system already allows for Pose-Comments.
  • Player Commenting: In SceneSys, each player has a seperate entry. It would not be hard to add a system for staff to add comments to the players. (Perhaps integration to a job system - Combining SceneSys with a AnomalyJobs like organization system? To keep track of purchases per character etc?)
  • Plot Outlining: A heuristic approach to adding plots to a 'plotline'. Could be very useful for finding plot points.
  • Read Tracking: To keep track of what scenes you have 'read/commented on'.

I will likely add most of these to the system, of which all but the Read Tracking being ones I want to push for first, after finishing the core SceneSys. Character Journals will probably come last, before the Read Tracking.