Setting up 3 mushes as services on win32

Submitted by Kaplah on Wed, 2010-02-10 23:41

I'm a system admin who is hosting three seperate mushes on a win32 precompiled environment. Until know I've started them off using a batch file that one of the mush owners made. It basically does this:

"c:\Program Files\mushes\game 1\pennmush\game\"pennmush /run
"c:\Program Files\mushes\game 2\pennmush\game\"pennmush /run
"c:\Program Files\mushes\game 3\pennmush\game\"pennmush /run

I would like to set this up to run as a service. I tried to use the out of the box windows service installer option for pennmush. The first game would work, but the other two would give an error. How can I set these up to run as a service so when the server reboots after a patch I don't need to login?