Corpolitick 2.2 starting at M*U*S*H

Submitted by javelin on Sat, 2010-02-20 18:19

Corpolitick 2.2 - The Game of Organizational Dominance(TM)(R)(C)

In the not-too-distant future, power is forged, wielded, shattered, reforged, sharpened, wielded again, broken again, and hung on the wall as a Relic of Mystery by Organizations, ranging from tiny partnerships to mammoth multicontinent corporations, from strange clans to stranger nonprofit NGOs, from Amalgamated Marketing Marketing ("We only sell salesmen who sell salesmen") to PhytoCarn Products ("Animal-based health food for plants") to Geeks'R'Us to Walt-You-Will-Have-Fun-Corporate-World.

Corpolitick is a turn-based strategy game with a humor-cyberpunk feel about to start running at M*U*S*H ( 4201). This will be the third run of Corpolitick 2, and features new actions (bribes and takeovers), and other new features (money markets, directors). Like Corpolitick 2.1, 2.2 will feature 4-7 turns per week for an exciting game.

Full game rules at (or via the 'chelp' command on M*U*S*H). Create yourself a M*U*S*H character and conglomerate to the death!