Source code documentation

Submitted by javelin on Sun, 2003-02-23 16:27

Folks who want to hack their PennMUSH server's hardcode can look forward to considerably more extensive documentation in the source itself. The devteam has begun to use doxygen, a documentation system, to comment the source code (starting with 1.7.7).

Doxygen parses the comments in the source code and generates useful reference materials for the web. You can see the documentation in progress for 1.7.7 at

Please note that this is an ongoing process. At the time of this posting, all of the structures in the header files were documented, along with all of the non-static functions in access.c through flags.c (excluding bsd.c, which is going to be split into two files soon). So don't expect everything there right away, but we're gradually getting there...