Possible bug in PennMush 1.8.4p1

Submitted by Argon on Sun, 2010-11-14 18:48

Okay, I know this is not the right place to report a bug. But the fact is, with my rather poor eyesight, the catcha that's part of creating a google account defeated me. Which makes reporting this issue on the official bug tracking system kind of impossible for me.

Using PennMush 1.8.4p1 hosted on Dune.

These give a #-1 Invalid Flag result when the target is a player ->

think orflags(#3,p) - and - think orlflags(#3,puppet)

Puppet (p) appears in @flag/list.

orflags() and orlflags() work correctly when the target is a thing.

The content in which I'm using this in our current 1.8.2p8 server is orflags(#NNN,pP) in order to determine if the target is either a player or a puppet. In 1.8.2p8 this works perfectly fine. However 1.8.4p1 currently breaks our softcode.