M*U*S*H - Get Stuff Done Weekend!

Submitted by walker on Mon, 2010-11-29 06:44

I have a proposal: Leverage our strong community of MUSHers and beat down our communal sense of laziness. =)

Let's Get Something Done on the weekend of December 10!

Between now and Friday, December 10, post something you want to get done. It can be anything: A mushcode project, a website, a real world project, cleaning your house, building that bookshelf you've been meaning to. Basically - doing at least one thing that you've been putting off.

On Friday, December 10, around 5pm M*U*S*H time, anyone interested gather on M*U*S*H in Salvador Deli (log in to M*U*S*H, @tel #0, s, then sw).

We'll spend an hour or two taking turns talking about our projects we're going to do and what we aim to have done by Sunday the 12th. Then we'll spend our time from then until the 12th hanging in that room, being social and supportive while we all work on our projects. If you're not interested in participating, but do want to socialize and show support, feel free to show up!

No, we won't be staying up through bedtimes. Since we're international, people will sleep when they need, but hopefully there'll be enough folks that Salvador Deli will have its lights on and be active most of the time =).

Sunday, December 12th, at 5pm M*U*S*H time, we'll get together again and show off what we've accomplished. Demonstrate your newly softcoded system, share your website url, share pictures of your home/apartment DIY project, or just talk about what you've done and learned.

Don't forget to prepare for your weekend with lots of healthy food and caffeinated drinks in your fridge, so we can get cracking!

Date: Friday, December 10th, 5pm M*U*S*H time through Sunday.