M*U*S*H April 1 riddle

Submitted by javelin on Fri, 2011-04-01 08:27

It's April 1, and the annual hunt for M*U*S*H has begun again. For reference and convenience, here's the 2011 riddle:

HAHAHA! Not today! If you want to visit M*U*S*H you'll have to prove your worthiness and decode its location from this clue:

(Important note: the M*U*S*H server detects portscanners and firewalls them off, so scanning for the MUSH port is ill-advised. The port for M*U*S*H is definitely a higher number than 1024.)

            Say on, oh Bard, succor me with your rhyme
            Quoth I, because my hair with age is hoar
            And though I cherish all my well-spent time
            Beginning new is what new ending's for.

   26:6:7   So like W.H, to you is my
   10:12:4  riddle dedicated, it points for you.
   9:11:9   In poem, line, and verse, it begs you try
   3:6:4    to find what you would seek and my aim too.

   103:11:7 The game's the thing at every level
   4:4:8    The intimate network of soulful fun
   74:6:3   I thrill as others take up the revel
   38:12:2  With but the chance to play, I've truly won

            Merry met (I won't part), come join the fete
            The proof of the pudding, after it's ate.

(Hints will be posted as the day continues - keep trying)