Now that's a pointy stick

Submitted by javelin on Mon, 2011-04-18 23:44

Today I received a retirement present from the M*U*S*H admin (current and former) and players, and I'm really just bowled over. It's a work of art. More specifically, it's a javelin (the practice kind, not the roman centurion killkillkill kind), festooned with laminated photographs of M*U*S*Hers holding signs, a screenshot of living canvas, an original sonnet, and so many other neat things (as well as a skein of very nice wool!)

When I first began to MUSH, I was very reticent about meeting other MUSHers in person. Since I got over that, I have had the chance to meet many, many friends who are just as brilliant and wonderful in person as they are online. Thank you all.

I will treasure this and the memories of running M*U*S*H forever. And, of course, I get the extra bonus of still getting to see all of you as a M*U*S*H player. And IRL, where you can still get a beer out of me if you were a M*U*S*H (or DuneMUSH or Rio:MdC) player and we meet up.

Obligatory photo attached!