Rooms with Columned Players

Submitted by Mercutio on Sat, 2011-05-14 14:39

Let's assume a game wants their conformat's players to be
displayed in three columns, thus as follows:

Player 1                  Player 2                  Player 3
Player 4                  Player 5                  Player 6

The way to display each single name is:

&conformat`name OBJ=left(name(%0),25)

The logic behind using 25 is because a name default can be 24 characters.

Here is one way to do this:

&conformat OBJ=step(conformat`display,lvplayers(me),3,,%r)
&conformat`display OBJ=align(25 25 25,u(conformat`name,%0),u(conformat`name,%1),u(conformat`name,%2))

How would you do this?