Announcing: the Enchanted Forest roleplay project

Submitted by Merino on Tue, 2011-05-31 17:58

This event will occur on M*U*S*H.

From my bulletin board post:

Ladies and gentlemen! My name is Merino, and I am here to organize a group of people to roleplay in the universe of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series that was created by Patricia C. Wrede. Anyone who is a good roleplayer and has read the books and is familiar with the universe in question is welcome.
We will be using the Risus roleplaying system, which is a very freeform system that uses only six-sided dice. Find out more at -- but note that emphasis is placed on storytelling and actual roleplay rather than your usual D&D fare.
The first roleplay session will take place at 12PM, Pacific Standard Time, on June the 5th. If you'd like to become involved, or want more information, please @mail Merino with your questions or application. The roleplay will occur within M*U*S*H in a single room, and we will describe locations verbally.

And that about sums it up. We're looking for good roleplayers. The only requirements are that you have read at least the first Enchanted Forest Chronicles book ("Dealing with Dragons", I believe) and are aware of how the Risus system works (just read it, it's a very quick read).