PennMUSH 1.8.4p6

Submitted by raevnos on Fri, 2011-07-29 18:31

PennMUSH 1.8.4p6 has been released at the usual and googlecode project sites.

Version 1.8.4 patchlevel 6 (Jul 29, 2011)

Minor changes

  • Clean up the linux inotify file monitoring code a bit. [SW]
  • @forwardlist can be inherited (But defaults to no-inherit). Suggested by Padraic.
  • @pemit/port now takes the /list switch, to pemit multiple ports at once. Suggested by Padraic. [MG]
  • When you 'register' a character at the connect screen, you can re-use the command to send a new password to the same email address, as long as you haven't connected yet. Suggested by Minion. [MG]
  • @odescribe/@adescribe are no longer triggered when a Terse player moves into a room, as he doesn't see the @describe. Suggested by Padraic. [MG]
  • exit-oneway and exit-multiple warning checks now take global exits into account. Suggested by Padraic and qa'toq. [SW]


  • valid() can be used with the 'qreg' category to check if a string is a valid q-register name. [SW]
  • crecall() now returns an error when given an invalid channel, and no longer returns an error when used on a channel with nothing to recall. Suggested by Trinsec. [MG]
  • Added uptime(), which returns much of the information from @uptime. From a suggestion by Jules. [MG]
  • quota() now accepts 'me' as an argument. Suggested by Padraic. [MG]
  • remove() is now ANSI-aware. [MG]
  • money() now checks for an integer argument before checking for an object. Suggested by qa'toq. [MG]


  • Wildcard matches on ANSI'd strings sometimes failed. Reported by Duckwa and Paige. [MG]
  • Bug in matching code when a room tries to locate an exit. Reported by Sketch. [MG]
  • Help updates. [MG], [SW]
  • Crash bug in dealing with Pueblo markup. Reported by Mercutio. [SW]
  • Fix some issues in parsing flag/attribute/eval locks. Found by Padraic and Jules. [SW]
  • @[out]pageformat could sometimes receive the wrong alias in %2. Reported by Padraic. [MG]
  • align() didn't correctly apply ANSI to empty columns. Reported by Padraic. [MG]
  • Fix compile warning in player.c when sendmail is not enabled. Reported by Padraic. [MG]
  • Fix hardcode bug in ansi_strcmp, which affected the softcode splice() function. [MG]
  • @chan/what failed to report when Admin channels also had the Player priv. Reported by Padraic. [MG]
  • win32/config.h was lacking a definition for int16_t. Reported by Daniko. [SW]
  • DBREFLIST locks required the attrname be given in upper-case. Reported by Sketch. [MG]