Problem with "connect.txt"

Submitted by geradon on Thu, 2011-09-08 18:05

Hello everybody, I just installed PennMUSH on my dedicated server and it works almost perfectly.

Almost ; I'm french speaking, and I'm using the french .mo file. My MUSH client is set to Latin1, my LANG on the server is set to FR_fr, and almost everything runs fine with accents.

My only issue so far is that, while EVERY .txt in /game/txt/ displays accents, "connect.txt" doesn't.

I've been working with PennMUSH for only 10 hours so far, from ./configure to building a house, but I can't figure out what's the problem with this simple "connect.txt" not showing accents. (Right after "connect.txt", PennMUSH shows "motd.txt", and accents are displayed fine.)

In "connect.txt", accents are replaced by the letter without the accent. (So an accented "e" is shown "e".)

So, in the hardcode, is the localization called _after_ "connect.txt" is called ? (and before "motd.txt" is ?)

Can someone help me out ? :)