A Need for Tutorials

Submitted by daniko on Mon, 2011-10-10 15:38

Chaz says, "Unfortunately I don't. I've been following one of the few tutorials I could find online but once I set that $-command, typing in the command word doesn't seem to work."

Lionel says, "a serious shame that online resources for penn are drying up..."

Chaz says, "And yeah, Penn needs to host some tutorials or something on their own website, it's kind of a pain trawling the internet for them only to find that most of them no longer exist"

@cemit/noisy Cheetah says, "Yeah, MUSHcode in general (not just Penn's) has decent documentation (but that's all /reference/ documentation), but not much in the way of good tutorials."

@cemit/noisy Cheetah says, "Not to mention that this, combined with MUSHcode's accessibility to new coders has resulted in some very different viewpoints on what good coding style is."

I won't say I'm a master at MUSHCode, or really any good at all, but since February of 2009 when I first decided to start learning this whole language, I've found Internet resources (and Internet resources are really the ONLY resources for this programming language) severely lacking. And I felt something ought to be done for folks who, like me, simply want to get into it with a few easy-to-understand tutorials.

I THOUGHT about using my blogger to post such articles, but my audience there, doesn't really even care that I know about this stuff. And besides...people who WANT to look for tutorials are gonna come to the source of the server software first. And besides...you can't really post questions on the Google Code site, so here is the best bet.

Now then, a disclaimer: I am NOT the best coder. Every time I look into a Penn dev's example code, I ALWAYS get overly confused because they use certain functions and tools that I don't always think of using, or did not know about. Such as recently, I FINALLY discovered the v() function as well as @function, @attrib and others. And as my most active project doesn't use any of those...well we'll just say that the systems I came up with work, and they work fairly well, but my game is so massive, that it'll take a bit to weed out and fix all of them to be more "conventional." Another example...that JUST came in. I did NOT know about the lnum() function!! Muaha! Thanks, Cheetah.

So correct me if I make any weird mistakes. I just want to give others like me a little more hope when they search for various ways to do things.

Okay so maybe not. 'Mercutio says, "...fold() is like a rite of passage."' I totally did not even KNOW that function existed, and now I'm beating my head over it and trying to make sense of it. So in a way, I haven't even filled out my sign-up sheet to get into the club, let alone endured the hazing.

Which brings me back to my above statement: I AM NOT THE BEST CODER. But I'd sure like to be. So here's hoping my attempt at it is a success.


P.S. The least I can do is keep the devs on their toes with Win32 compile bugs. I'm sure they're more than sick of me by now ;).