Give your MUSH a web-based guest client!

Submitted by walker on Sun, 2011-10-16 13:05

As a followup with Banana - I am now offering, for free, guest web accounts for anyone who would like the ability to offer a lightweight, web-based guest connection to their mush.

You can see an example here: - That's my development mush.

M*U*S*H and CrossroadsMUSH are also available. (But please note, you can only 'guest' to one mush at a time!)

If you would like to set one up for your mush, this is what I need from you:

1) Your MUSH's name, host and port. (e.g: WalkerMUSH at port 4240

2) Write up some text (or you can use HTML!) for the header and footer of the client.

3) Optionally, you can have some text to auto-send. e.g: "connect guest" and "+newbie Hello from a Web Guest!"

4) Contact me as Walker at M*U*S*H and we'll get you set up and going! =). Alternately, email those to me at


> Can I have it in a different layout or add other features to it?

Absolutely! The client can be as customized as you want it to be - but that's out of the scope of this blog post =). And you'd have to do the work of customizing, but I can tell you where+what to do.

> What about security? Can somebody spam me with it?

They can, but they can spam you anyway. If it turns out to be a problem, then ban the IP - The server is currently running on it. And if you want, we can talk more about this as well, just contact me on M*U*S*H! =).

> Are there logs?

All output from the mush is logged, and tagged by guest number. If that concerns you, then you don't have to use it - you are free to download, install, and maintain a copy of Banana on your own server =).

> Can I use it as a web client to connect to any mu*s I want?

Certainly, but this requires getting a user account from me. Anonymous people can only connect freely to mushes who want them. Again, if you want full control, it's open source.

> Why are you doing this?

For several reasons.

1) I wrote Banana, and I want to see it used =).
2) I think that a web client might get more people into MUSHing, which is a tough trick in this day and age.
3) I could use the broader user base for bugtesting =).
4) Because the bandwidth involved is minimal, and it's fun.

> Where can I get more information about Banana?

From two places:

1) The CPO blog post about Banana:
2) My personal blog post about it: