Educational uses of MUSH (teaching and learning via MUSH) and MUSH education (teaching and learning how to MUSH)

Working Picnic 5 log: Friendly and hostile takeovers (Diuturnal)

Submitted by Elvie on Wed, 2008-03-12 06:26

Sorry that there was no announcement here of last week's picnic. Diuturnal gave an excellent talk with some provocative discussion to follow. Log follows:

Linden Grove(#159RntJ)

Although you can observe oaks, elms, maples, and walnuts, the ~~1~~
linden is clearly the ruler of the grove. Tall silver lindens stretch ~111~
to dizzying heights above the other trees, and shorter, bushier ~1X11
"little lindens" offer a pleasant combination of shade and sunlight 1111~
beneath their many small leaves. ~111~

Gateway Roundtable Event - Villains and plots that worked... and those that REALLY didn't! Feb. 16, 2008

Submitted by Tefnut on Sat, 2008-02-09 22:09

Roundtable: Who doesn't love a good villain?

Some of the most exciting plots for players are those that include a menacing, evil, wicked villain (or villains), but these are some of the hardest plots to run because they can be so fraught with GMing pitfalls and disasters.

Managing your MUSH - A Working Picnic with Elvira - TOMORROW! Sunday 10th February

Submitted by Elvie on Sat, 2008-02-09 09:52

Managing Your MUSH
A working picnic with Elvira

You are invited to a working picnic on Sunday 10th February at 4:30pm MUSHtime/CST (10:30pm GMT). It will be held on M*U*S*H in the pleasant springtime surroundings of Linden Grove. This is the first in a season of weekly events which will examine the topic 'Managing Your MUSH' using real life organisation management techniques to improve the performance of your MUSH.

Aaw... spoof...

Submitted by Ryuujin on Sat, 2007-12-22 22:47

Ok, got a magor problem, been searchig for the answer for a while vefore I stumbled onto this site. A freind of mine wants to creat a new Mush based around the Bleach anime, so i told him that I would take care of the coding. So I go to ask my brother, who is a coding master, about it, and he says he is too busy running his mush. Then I tried to learn myself... however I can't figure out for the life of me where to even start. Does anyone know of a place where I can look for information about the how to d the coding?

New to this business, have some questions.

Submitted by Nightcaste on Tue, 2007-10-09 21:35

A friend of mine has recruited me to help administer his MUSH, and part of what I have been asked to do is to convert a stack of text files he sent me into News files for the MUSH.

My first question is this: How do I preserve whitespace? There are quotes and paragraphs that are indented, and I have a feeling if I just slap them in as-is, it will be one continuous run-on block of text.

My second question: How do I enter a line-break? Same reasons as above.

My third question: Are there any good "teach yourself to code" kind of things out there for this kind of stuff?

"Oh, Penn..." Says Me.

Submitted by Trispis on Sat, 2007-07-21 08:18

Once this scrolls out of the 'recent posts', it will begin to fade into the background as a spooky, fun surprise; and, as a beneficial side-effect, eventually the shortest route to it (other than a direct link) will be through my blog page, which masks replies and will further enhance the 'quest' aspect of this post (more art?).

A b r a _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Getting to Z: part 3

Submitted by boris on Thu, 2006-02-16 11:04

Getting to Z: part 3

We have started Character Generation!

Students have begun the process of crafting their alter-ego in our text based universe, choosing race, attributes, skills, basic appearance and even merits and flaws.

Getting to Z: part 2

Submitted by boris on Wed, 2006-01-25 11:37

This is the formal lesson plan I submitted to my administrator. It's probably worth noting I've spoken at length with our math teacher, who is very curious about this. I've also connected with parents and gotten their permission.

The conversation and issues raised with the wizcore on the MUSH is worth an entry of it's own!


Getting to Z. Text-based multiplayer games and the 3-dimensional cartesian coordinate plane.


This lesson is designed for grades 7 and 8 (ages 13 and 14). This lesson is currently designed for small groups (no more than 5 students).


This lesson is designed to last 2 months, meeting once a week for about 40 minutes.

Getting to Z: part 1

Submitted by boris on Wed, 2006-01-25 11:25

For a few years, I have been increasingly interested in how COTS (commercial, off the shelf games) can be successfully used in the education space.

For a basic introduction to games and education please click here. This covers a teachers perspective of the games in education movement.

As a long time fan of text-based games, bringing a MUSH into my classroom seems a logical and natural progression of my interest in games in education.

This is an introduction to a multi-part series in which I hope to detail my successes and challenges using a Star Trek MUSH to help 8th graders (14 years old) understand XY and Z on a cartesian coordinate plane.

Wiki for MUSH Servers

Submitted by Brazil on Mon, 2005-11-28 15:10

Take a look at the new Wiki and make your mark. It's not just about TinyMUX.

Answering detailed questions on a regular basis? Rereading parts of the code that you just looked at 3 months ago? Need to spend 45 minutes to elaborate on an important point to answer a question, but you don't have 45 minutes to spare? Studying an unfamiliar codebase to nail down a behavior the help files left ambiguous? A Wiki is the answer.

Already, it has paid dividends to me by keeping conversations short and efficient. Already, it has enabled information to flow sideways around me instead of through me. Already, the answers there are typically fuller than the answers I could afford to retype in 45 minutes.